Notable Theme at Paris Fashion Week

Did you notice anything at the Stella McCartney and Thom Browne fashion shows at Paris Fashion Week?

Stella McCartney took models wearing animal costumes on the runway for the Fall 2020 fashion show at Paris Fashion Week! Known for his long-standing commitment to animal rights, McCartney reminded him of his thought with a humorous message. “There can never be a time when we have more hope that fashion will stop using fur and leather,” said McCartney, who was one of the first designers to not use materials derived from animals in their collections. The animal costumes of the models that looked like mascots were one of the most striking parts of the fashion show.

In the final of the fashion show where he exhibited his autumn 2020 designs, McCartney created his own farm by taking animal costume models such as bull, rabbit, crocodile and cow to the podium! One of the most attractive among all the costumed models was the rabbit costume! We can say that the rabbit walking on the runway, carrying his bag among enthusiastic applause, rocked the most famous models.


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